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Meet the Committee…Today the Juniors Fundraising Manager

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Carolyn Bright

What are your main responsibilities?
As fundraising officer, my job is to try to gather funds from outside sources and thereby keep costs to parents, for their child playing ice hockey, to a minimum. I am mindful that any fundraising efforts should not require parents to have to put their hand in their own pocket, but rather that parents can assist with raising funds by giving their time, or using their skills, equipment or powers of persuasion.

Since when are you involved in ice hockey?
I became involved with the Club less than two years ago. This season was my son’s first full season since he began playing halfway through the previous year.

Do you play ice hockey yourself?
Last season I joined the parents Learn to play and learned to skate. I play in whatever that position is called, the one where you are lying flat on the ice.

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