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Meet the Committee…Today the Vice-President

Will Fitzgerald

What are your main responsibilities?

As Vice President my main role is in support of our club President and our committee members. There are occasions where I will represent the club at external and National Governing Body level. Communication between the executive and our membership is vital to the success of the club.

Since when are you involved in ice hockey?

I have been involved in ice hockey since the mid 80’s where I started skating in the Dolphins Barn rink. I became what was known as a “rink rat” and spent almost my entire free time there either playing hockey or skating at the public skating sessions. Over time skiing also started at Phibsboro and I spent a good bit of time there also. I was fortunate to be involved in Irish Ice Hockey from a very early stage and am now in my 30th + year.

Do you play ice hockey yourself?

Yes I still play hockey; albeit at the non contact level. I play defence for the Flying Ducks team. I also coach our Junior teams.

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